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Handmade Leather Products | Made In Scotland

Zaccardelli Leather Co produces and designs luxury handmade leather goods in Edinburgh, in addition we create and produce handmade leather products that are timeless and practical. From design to production our products combine contemporary aesthetic and most of all functionality. Produced with minimalism at heart, we merge original craftsmanship and modern techniques therefore delivering a truly satisfying life lasting product.

All of your products are made with leather from established reliable retailers. Our products are all crafted from natural vegetable tanned leather, applying age old techniques during the process of tanning.

Our products represent a lost tradition, Zaccardelli Leather Co provides handmade leather products comparable to none, with the highest possible quality. Our quality and standards take time with each item being completely handmade from the design to production, stitching, crafting, embossing and edging. We have a strenuous process, resulting in pure artistic beauty.

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Handmade leather products | Who We Are

We are a family business based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded with a passion to produce quality, handmade leather products designed with simplicity and style at heart. Designed to be functional, practical and works of art, our products last a lifetime. Founded in 2011 our business has grown substantially, from producing small leather products to family members to become one of the few companies with principles and quality products produced with only Scottish supplies based in Edinburgh. We strive for local business and being part of collective projects which support British and Scottish crafters and artists.

What We Do

Our products represent a lost tradition, handmade products are coming back! Zaccardelli Leather Co provides products comparable to none, with the highest possible quality. Our quality and standards take time with each item being completely hand made with no machinery including our stitching. Our stitching is our pride, each items stitching is perfect. All of our products have gone through a strenuous design process and each item reflects quality original craftsmanship unlike any products that aren’t handmade.

Why We Do It

There is nothing like seeing your ideas and visions coming to life, leather is our passion and provides the flexibility to produce something unique. Our products are crafted with our imagination and produced with our hands. Z Leather Works started because there was nothing buyable we felt was worth the money we were paying, our products won’t fail, they will last a lifetime. Only looking better with age, they become something of an experience.