Florence, capital of the breathtaking region of Tuscany and the name and inspiration behind Zaccardelli’s Firenze Mens Bag. The birthplace of Italian Renaissance and the home of the likes of Dante Alighieri, G. Boccaccio and Machiavelli all of whom are timeless artists born during the all important fruitful age of artistic discovery.  The passageway of all aspiring and influential artists who visited and lived in Florence and who were gifted enough to produce the most recognisable masterpieces known to man.  The home of the House of Medici and in particular Lorenzo de’ Medici, (patron of the arts). Lorenzo de’ Medici sponsored and supplied living quarters and equipment to masters such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Botticelli, as such by sponsoring these artists, Lorenzo de’ Medici acquired beautiful art and the appreciation of the Florentines. During their time of sponsorship, Lorenzo’s only stipulation was that the artists create and these masterpieces can still be admired today whilst visiting the capital of Renaissance, Florence.

Florence offers some of the most breathtaking architecture in Europe. Brunelleschi’s Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore located in Piazza del Duomo was the catalyst for many inspired cathedrals to come throughout Christendom and Europe. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore was considered to be revolutionary during its time of construction, notably for its construction techniques and dynastic appearance.

Florence is immersed with artistic history everywhere that mesmerises millions of tourists among many buildings, monuments churches and sculptures that are waiting on every corner. To view this first hand takes your breath away. All combined a walk through Florence is a walk through time, and with a combination of all, we have drawn on this inspiration in the design and name of our Firenze Mens Bag.

The Firenze leather bag is a statement of quality and taste. Handmade in Italy from genuine full grain Italian leather. Our everyday casual bag, designed with functionality and style at heart. With two compartments on the front and a zipped compartment on the reverse, perfect for all your everyday necessities.

Inside you will find enough space for your phone, tablet, laptop, books and anything you need to carry. The Firenze bag is available in Black, Brown, Tan and Bordeaux each adaptable for the perfect tailored look.

Each of our leather accessories have been handmade from the finest materials therefore bring you the perfect product that will last a lifetime.  The more you use your bag the better it will look, developing its own patina it will be completely unique and different to any other product produced by Zaccardelli Leather Co. As our leather is Italian vegetable tanned, the time and effort placed into the age old technique is itself something to cherish.


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