Zaccardelli’s Roma bag collection begins with our perennial starting point: Class. A deep sense of classic contrast that defines the business gentleman, the embellishment of power and authority with style and taste. The Roma bag is clean and utilitarian, with echoes of simpler times and quality.

Influenced greatly from the cultural capital of Europe, our optimistic palette draws from the colours and feelings of Rome with Edinburgh’s offerings being utilised. Shot in a city designed by James Craig, famous for its grandeur and prosperity bringing. We have at our doorstep one of the most famous Georgian city’s setting the atmosphere of our campaign.


Style directly from Italy, the Roma leather bag is a statement of quality and taste. Handmade in Italy from genuine full grain Italian leather. Our everyday business bag, designed with functionality and style at heart. With two compartments on the front and a zipped compartment on the reverse, perfect for all your everyday business hassle, great for taking you from home to office.

As all of our products, the Roma bag is meticulously stitched and produced in a family run Italian workshop located in Tuscany.  The techniques used during production are enriched with historical significance, with attention to detail and original leather craftsmanship. Each of our Roma bag’s is unique and personal from the materials used and the beautiful inconsistencies with the natural tanned leather.

Inside you will find enough space for all your paperwork, laptop, tablet and books. The Roma bag is available in black, brown, tan and bordeaux all adaptable for the perfect tailored look.

Roma Campaign

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  1. Edward Francis 1st February 2018

    Fantastic post, love the class behind the pictures and the choice of rome!

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